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To all swClub Members,

If you believe the Blue Monday hype, then we're two days past what has been labelled "the saddest day of the year", i.e. Monday 21st January 2019.

Why is it labelled Blue Monday? The third Monday of January has been awarded the gloomy title due to a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and the arrival of unpaid credit card bills.

Apparently, a university professor managed to precisely calculate the "most depressing day" of the year, using the following formula: [W+(D-d)]xTQ/MxNA – where W is weather, D is debt, d monthly salary, T time since Christmas, Q time since failure of attempt to give something up, M low motivational level and NA the need to take action.

Turns out, it originated from a marketing ploy in January 2005, when the date was published in a press release under the name of a part-time university tutor who had allegedly been working with a travel firm. Variations of the story have since been repeatedly reused by other companies in press releases, with Blue Monday invoked by legal firms and retailers of bottled water and alcoholic drinks to name a few. However, in 2018, the professor stated it was never his intention to make the day sound negative, but rather to inspire people to take action and make bold life decisions.

We think there are other ways of inspiring people instead of filling them with doom and gloom! At swClub we're there to share in our members' weight loss journeys; we support each other, commiserate with each other, celebrate with each other and inspire each other. And if we’re not ‘on plan’, we just join in with the forum chat etc. Whatever you're doing, wherever you currently are with your weight loss, know that your friends at swClub are waiting with a cheer to support you in whatever successes or trials that may await. The only 'blue' on our forum is the colour scheme!

If you've started on your weight loss and you're looking for some extra motivation, we're inviting members to join in with our February Slimmer of The Month Competition. As one of our members recently posted, "I don't know about you all, but I always found SOTM motivating for myself. It spurred me on to try and win it."

From your friends at swClub
Together We Can!

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Ruby Tuesday
on Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:50 pmRuby Tuesday
All these special days are, in my opinion, just a clever strategy, created by retailers, to animate people to spend more money.
The blue Monday is the disguised little sister of the black Friday. 

When people are made aware of a special day that it is bleak and cold and still a long way to go until spring, and when the new year's resolutions have faded away once more, then one can get quite vulnerable. That's when one tends to spend money (even if there isn't any) on treats or even holidays in the sun.
on Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:51 pmDeemark2
Is is subliminal isn't it Ruby? It's like, if sometime was to tell you that you looked ill, you'd probably think to yourself you might be off colour. So if the media are bleating on about how miserable and depressing a certain day is and we're exposed to it, we're kind of giving ourselves permission to be in a low mood, I reckon.

The professor who started the whole blue monday thing was working with a holiday company apparantly and the university he was also working part-time for, at the same time as the holiday co, has dissociated themselves from his so-called research!
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